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There's lots of choices to make when designing a website. Sometimes the mind boggles at the breadth of options available to you, page after page of things you can include and take away at will like some sort of angry god deciding who lives and who dies. In the face of such utter rebirth and destruction, figuring out what text you want to go where is important. I, however, have yet to do this,


Works Coming Soon



My cat is infinitely better to look at than I am. I've never been able to get used to having my picture taken. When you read my work, i'd like you to imagine a shambling mass of stars and space dust plunking at the keyboard instead of a person. It'll be better that way.

My stories are preoccupied with the supernatural and ethereal. The things we do to ourselves in order to survive and the things we do to each other in order to love are what keep me up at night. You may be able to find yourself in a monster that way.


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